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Welcome to the The Future of Scratches Wiki

This is the hub for all fans of Seany10's AFOE. This is where the Scratch Mappers will make their own wiki, similar to the Future of Europe’s Wiki.

WIKI NEWS: War between Kokomo and Renian has occured.

Mappers with pages on the Wiki

Scratch-icon.png Scratchbrick

Deet0109-icon.png deet0109 Deet2017-icon.png

UKball-icon.png UKballProductions/Dantomkia259 Dantomkia-icon.png

LatviaPotato-icon.png LatviaPotato

EnderCake9-icon.png EnderCake9 Mapping

Kokomations-icon.png Kokomations

SyncMapping-icon.png SyncMapping

ScratchMapping-icon.png ScratchMapping

Finlandball-icon.png Finland ball

GeographyStuff-icon.png GeographyStuff

FNAFfunny-icon.png FNAFfunny

LithuaniaPotato-icon.png LithuaniaPotato

SamA4015-icon.png SAMa4015

Mopscrub-icon.png Mopscrub Blank-icon (1) (1).png

Ontario-icon.png Ontario Mapping

CODgamer-icon.png COD-gamer

Eestiball-icon.png EestiBall

User-icon.png User85259727

Dominica-icon.png Dominica

Captivity-icon.png Captivity

CalifornianMapper-icon.png CalifornianMapper

Luigi888-icon.png Luigi888

Brodiecomedian-icon.png brodiecomedian

Canyouseeme-icon.png Canyouseeme1

Seany10-icon.png Seany10

AxelTheBeagle-icon.png Axel The Beagle

Gaumontbross-icon.png Gaumontbross

Djibouti-icon.png DJIBOUTIBall

Blank-icon.png Mapperkommuniti (shared account)

Studios and Mapping History

WSMA (World Scratch Mapping Alliance), The Republic of Mapporkommuniti

The First Mapporkommuniti War, The Second Mapporkommuniti War

The Kokomations War The Potato War

The Great Mapping War Mappers

World Roleplay

Space World Roleplay

Official Nations

Enjania Icon.png Kingdom of Enjania

Cascadia-icon.png Republic of Cascadia

Tundria-icon.png Tundria

Tristia-icon.png Tristia

GreaterFinlandia-icon.png Greater Finlandia

RepublicofDantomkia-icon.png Dantomkia

SuomiKarelia-icon.png Suomi-Karelia

BalticBork-icon.gif Baltic Federation

Mapoer-icon.png Mapoland

Greater Anarx Reich

Austrian Reich


LatviaPotato-icon.png Alternative Future of Eurasia (Series)

User-icon.png Alternate Timeline Of Europe (Past)

ScratchMapping-icon.png ScratchMapping's Mapper Wars

FNAFfunny-icon.png First Finnish-Hungarian war

Ontario-icon.png Alternative Future of North America

CODgamer-icon.png Afoe

Scratch-icon.png The Scratch Mapping Community Scratch-icon.png

Atommapper-icon.png Very Small CzechAxelTheBeagle-icon.png DoggBrodiecomedian-icon.png Not Very Funny EitherCalifornianMapper-icon.png Texas MapperCanyouseeme-icon.png I Can See You!Captivity-icon.png Italy but Way CoolerCODgamer-icon.png Cod Fishing SimulatorCrocodilius-icon.png Russian Who Loves CrocsCs-icon.png Very Controversial VeteranDeet0109-icon.png Yeet (Deet2017-icon.png Yeet2017) • Djibouti-icon.png PoorDominica-icon.png Caribbean is EpicDrGameing-icon.png Not a Licensed DoctorDrunkenSailor-icon.png How Did Scratch Allow His Username?EandCheckmark-icon.png Check for E'sEestiball-icon.png Only Girl That MapsEnderCake9-icon.png No Cake For You >:)Finlandball-icon.png Sweden BallFlamzer-icon.png Epic Combo FlagFNAFfunny-icon.png Isn't Very Funny is HeGaumontbross-icon.png British SerbiaGeographyStuff-icon.png Can't See WellGrehound-icon.png Cool HatHornet96-icon.png Buzz BuzzHeater123-icon.png Dead BFDI GuyKazakhMapping-icon.png SpunceKokomations-icon.png KokonutLatviaPotato-icon.png Enjania or Torchic or Whatever He is Called Now (LithuaniaPotato-icon.png The Joke That Was Taken Too SeriouslySovietPotato-icon.png This One Too) • Luigi888-icon.png More Neutral Than SwitzerlandMarissman-icon.png Globe but ORANGEMapoer-icon.png Youngest MapperMopscrub-icon.png Mop ManNewAgeMapping-icon.png Looks Too Much Like DominicaNotforc-icon3.png Make The Lines Straight!Ontario-icon.png QuebecRem889-icon.png Got Too Much PowerSamA4015-icon.png Veteran Finnish GuySaturnia-icon.png Kronos WorshipperScratchMapping-icon.png Harry The MothSeany10-icon.png The OGSimon-icon.png Simon Says (in Russian)Skyminer-icon.png How do You Mine the Sky?SouthKoreaball-icon.png mUkBaNgSwitzerland-icon.png Depressed Chocolate BarSyncMapping-icon.png #1 Inactive in the SMCBalticBork-icon.gif French MinnesotaTheonlywizard-icon.png Magic Wand TimeUKball-icon.png Irish (Dantomkia-icon.png UKBall But Stronker) • Wisest-icon.png Not Very WiseUser-icon.png User852475869248632097598240790285467Yusaito-icon.png WhoBlank-icon.png Mapperkommuniti (shared account)• Dakosiaball.png Big Smol

Official Nations

Anarx-icon.png Greater Anarx ReichBalticBork-icon.gif Baltic FederationGaumontbross-icon.png British KosovoRepublicofDantomkia-icon.png DantomkiaTSRT Icon.png The Second Russian TsardomSuomiKarelia-icon.png Suomi-Karelia


ProposedCarolina-icon.png CarolinaCascadia-icon.png Republic of CascadiaEnjania Icon.png Kingdom of EnjaniaMapoer-icon.png MapolandTundria-icon.png Tundria


JYA-icon.png Rising Empire of Ratcha AnachakLaos-icon.png Kingdom of IonMengkukuo-icon.png Kingdom of MengkukuoSingaes-icon.png Singaes IslandsTristia-icon.png Tristia


DII-icon.png Colony of the Danish Indian IslandsDominus-icon.png Republic of Dominus


ScratchMapping-icon.png Republic of AustralisSocialistNewZealand-icon.png Socialist Republic of New Zealand